We now offer on-line shopping, a flat-fee Australia wide delivery service and a client log-in with special advantages.

At Stanton Creative Group it really is all about you and your need to communicate your unique message to your client or customer.  Over the past 20 years, our team has developed products and services by working directly with our clients.

Our popular Slide-A-Sign (patented) display system was designed to solve an individual client’s problem – a problem that has been proven to be universal.We create visual solutions for a variety of commercial, corporate and government applications and have long experience working with the hospitality industry.

We design all printed products including menus, posters, stationery, large wall graphics and signage which we complement with a range of functional and contemporary display products.  Our team also brings visual, structural and management expertise to large projects.

At Stanton Creative Group development of new products and services is ongoing. You drive our agenda to provide innovative and functional solutions, which has allowed us to lead the way in the creative services fields of graphic design, brand development, display systems, signage design, fabrication and installation, digital displays and content management



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